Integrating AWS Live Streaming Solutions with

Touchstream VirtualNOC OTT Operations Hub

Welcome to our channel for AWS Integrations

We have been working hard with AWS Elemental and Cloudfront to show you how easy it is to integrate any or all of the AWS Elemental Live Streaming Solutions components into Touchstream's VirtualNOC OTT Operations Hub, and the tremendous value this collaboration brings to your operations team.

This information channel is new, so we will be adding new content about once per week focussed on the most popular components and workflow implementations. Please check back regularly for any updates.

Key AWS Elemental Cloud Workflow Components modeled: Elemental Link, MediaConnect, MediaLive, MediaStore, MediaPackage, MediaTailor and Cloudfront.

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Below is a diagram of the general concept based the workflow used in the recent webinar with AWS, and also the video demo's of different combinations and use cases.


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