ISP Insights

ISP Insights is the first ever data optimisation dashboard in OTT monitoring that illustrates the data flow from the CDN through the last-mile of video delivery in an intuitive way, highlighting issues along its path. 


Superior QoE in real-time

ISP Insights’ granular KPI capability at scale is integral to streaming engineers when pinpointing issues, and it underpins them in their delivery of a superior QoE.


Best CDN Performance

ISP Insights empowers your operations teams to visually pinpoint trouble spots between CDN edge nodes and the ISP ASNs.


Unique Summarisation Approach

Powered by highly scalable Lambda functions, ISP Insights quickly identifies when the data flow from CDN to ISP is causing problems, and helps solving issues before they cause churn with subscribers.

ISP Insights Presentation at NAB Show

Touchstream's CEO & Co-Founder, Brenton Ough's presentation at NAB Show where he showcases the details of our latest innovation.

Plugging the Gap in Content Delivery Monitoring

ISP Insights does this by filling in the gap with end-to-end monitoring. By providing a colour-coded visualisation between the CDN connection to ASNs, as it already does throughout the streaming workflow, streaming engineers can now see a complete end-to-end data flow.

Support  Winner

Touchstream won an IABM BaM Award!

ISP Insights is the winner of an IABM BaM Award in the Support category. IABM BaM Awards celebrates outstanding technological innovations delivering real business and creative benefits.

2023 Product of the Year Award Winner Logo

NAB Show Product of the Year

ISP Insights is a Monitoring and Measuring Tools winner in the 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards that recognises the most significant and promising new technologies in the broadcast, media and entertainment industry. 

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