Touchstream's fully cloud-based solution enables any OTT streamer to start monitoring in less than 3 minutes, making scaling and expanding service accessible from anywhere in the world. No hardware, or other hidden, unexpected costs.


Top QoS

Touchstream proactively simulates the viewing experience 24/7, allowing operators to predict and resolve delivery issues before the viewers are impacted.


Full visibility of your live video workflow

Touchstream combines multiple data sources into asingle dashboard, to overcome data fragmentation and connect KPIs in a coherent way.


Improved mean-time-to-diagnose

Touchstream alerts NOC teams of streaming errors in real time, using a traffic light system that pinpoints the exact failing component, to fix problems faster.

VirtualNOC OTT End-to-End Observability


OTT Operations Hub

Colour-coded streaming health assessment clearly shows stream failure points, providing actionable insights from a central dashboard.


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